Metro Hearts Host Homes is a Colorado Program Approved Service Agency (PASA) that coordinates living arrangements for developmentally disabled adults under the supervision of Denver-area county community center boards. Our agency was formed in 2020 by two professionals who came from other host home agencies. 

Matching a special-needs adult client with a provider family is a critically important process. We vet each provider very carefully and screen the client and provider to connect those with shared interests and priorities, relying on years of experience to know when the situation is ideal for both.

We’ll only place a client when we’re confident they’ll be happy and comfortable for the long term, even for life. We must be certain the arrangement is more than a job for the host provider – it’s an opportunity to support, nurture, and love another family member. 

Our Focused Scope of Service

Many PASAs that serve special-needs adults offer a wide range of services – children’s programs, day programs, group homes, and institutional homes, for example – while they also attempt to manage hundreds of adult host home arrangements.

In contrast, adult host home arrangements are all we manage. We maintain a maximum of 30 clients so we know each person very well and we can closely monitor their day-to-day care and situations.

No one feels lost in our system. We learn about each client’s likes and dislikes. We’re there to celebrate their successes and partner with their host families to address their challenges. We also stay in close contact with our host families, meeting with them:

  • By phone at least weekly.
  • On-site at least twice per month.
  • Two times unannounced per year at any hour (per state regulations).

Our Staff

Metro Hearts Host Homes was founded and is run by industry pros with many years of hands-on experience in host home service.

Taryn Quick, Company Founder and Owner

  • Seven years of experience in managing a host home agency.
  • Parent of a disabled child, born in 2002.

Our Mission

Metro Hearts Host Homes will always be the premier host home service agency in the Denver area, facilitating high-quality care for adults with developmental disabilities so they can advance in their skills and abilities and experience life to the fullest. We will do this by:

  • Carefully matching these special-needs adults with uniquely qualified host providers.
  • Supporting our host home providers with training, guidance, and 24-hour availability.
  • Remaining right sized so we can ensure consistent, personal oversight and support for clients and host family providers.