A: Clients can be placed in host homes at any adult age, but most often the arrangements begin at age 18, after the client ages out of the state-sponsored care programs for children.

A: In most cases it’s a life-long relationship. If a client must be removed from a provider, it’s usually because the client’s needs have progressed beyond the point that the provider family can accommodate.

A: Provider families must pass extensive background checks. They must be verified by the state as suitable host home providers and they receive mandatory training and certifications.

A: Once a client qualifies for this arrangement, costs are paid by federal and state agencies. Those agencies pay us to oversee care for that client and we reimburse the provider at state-mandated daily rates. 

A: We continually monitor the arrangement, ensuring that the provider is fulfilling all obligations of care, such as taking the client to day programs and appointments and providing a nurturing environment. We visit the host home each month, communicate with the provider weekly, and make unannounced visits at any hour as required by state regulations.